Living Sober

November 19, 2014 - Comment

methods used by AA members to stay sober

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methods used by AA members to stay sober


sfseeker "sfseeker" says:

This should be the 2nd book you acquire… …right after “Alcoholics Anonymous” aka “The Big Book”. First, as a recovering alcoholic myself, I must comment on some of the previous statements here that border on reckless endangerment:”unfortunately–reinforces the stereotype of vulnerabilty (sic) and fragility inherent in recovery”.Maybe it’s a “stereotype” (?) because it’s TRUE. We are fragile. We are vulnerable. Just like anyone else would feel if they were dying. Especially in the first days, sometimes hours, of “living sober”. That’s why newcomers to A.A. are encouraged to attend “90 in 90”- ninety meetings in the ninety days- when the craving is likely to be the strongest. Why try to stop drinking on your own (which almost never works) when there’s free, caring, help and support readily available? I hope I don’t sound condescending or anything; it took me a LONG time to figure out what was practically staring me in the face. And it didn’t have to be that way.”nor is sobriety so rigidly…

Katherine Kirk "Marriage & Family Therapist" says:

Excellent for those that are just starting or long term 0

Anonymous says:

A wonderful introduction to AA and recovery 0

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